Divvee Social App Video

Divvee Social App Video


Do You Use Mobile Apps and Smartphones?

Do You Have Friends Using The Same As You?

Do You think You could find 10 of your friends
who would love to earn Cash from using their
Smartphones Every day?

Simply invite your friends via email to register
for Free and start sharing the Divvee Social App.

Divvee is now Exclusively working with Fortune 500
Clients who want to share their advertising brands
with the Divvee Social App members for their opinion
on their Videos-Apps & Ads!

Simply perform some basic tasks every day!

You'll receive REWARD Points and CASH
Just for sharing your Opinion!

Use your Points for Vacations!

Consumer Goods!

Short Holiday Breaks!

Home and Kitchen!

Sport and Leisure!

Luxury Living!

and Everyday items!

Get started with Divvee Social App today!

And get back to the person who
shared this video with YOU!


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